Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank God for the kindness of strangers!


Recently I had some problems with my leg and when I went in to see the doc they told me that I had a blood clot in it....  I went on a long car trip and didn't move enough (I will never do that again) not exactly what I wanted to hear.  I have had trouble finding a good job (recent college grad and crappy economy = no job with benefits) and hence no health insurance so when they told me the medicine I needed was $1,100.00 for ten doses (I also had two refills) I literally freaked out.

Thank goodness I live in North Dakota where if people don't use their medication they can donate it to a pharmacy (if it is sealed in individual packages) and people like me can get it for free.  The pharmacists at the clinic I went to helped me get in touch with Oliver and he helped me get the first seven doses.  He didn't have any more doses available but I was so happy with my seven doses I didn't really focus on the fact I didn't have enough.  Then something more amazing happened...  on my way home Oliver called me and said he called around and found me more medicine and that I would just have to come pick it up!  He was such a wonderful person I had to make him a thank you card.  He was my silver lining on a really shitty cloudy day.

Here is what I sent him:

It's a lot like the Mother's Day card I sent my mom, but her idea for the sentiment made me want to make it.

Here is the inside:

Thank you mom for the wonderful idea and like I said before, thank God for wonderful people and their willingness to help!

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