Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrate Neon

Okay so I was sitting here last night and forgot I have another card for the Young Crafters Unite! - Challenge #13 Hot Trends.  I saw this card that Julie Ebersole made awhile back and I really wanted to try to make a card using the confetti shaker technique.

I thought to myself I really want to use bright colors and what is brighter than NEON!  It's so on trend right now and I really wanted to challenge myself to use them.  I knew it could be a bit much so I made sure to tone it down with the white background.  Who doesn't love interactive cards?  Really give me one can't?  That's what I thought;)

Okay so my camera sucks and it didn't quite capture the cards neoness (yep just made that up) but I promise it is really bright in person.  I hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Warm Thoughts

OMG she's going for the record, three posts in one day!! (well at least for me)  I figured I was on a roll and I still have much more to share.  The crafting bug has bit me and I need to take advantage before I go into another slump.  (No one likes slumps right?)

Here is a card that is pretty simple and I've really been loving these colors lately so I really like how this turned out.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have another project (nope not a card :0) to share using this color scheme as well.

Okay so I'm loving Lifestyle Crafts embossing folders as of late (swoon, drool and all those other happy things).  They make the sharpest impression without breaking the paper.  I cannot say how happy I was that my local SB store got some in to try.  I follow some really talented ladies (Joy Taylor I'm looking at you:)) and they have used these in the past and made me want to give them a try, all I can say is they are simply amazing.  The one I used  for this card is the wavy one from the Jubilant two pack.  This one isn't going to any challenges, I'm just posting it for fun :)

Have a truly amazing day!!

Happy Barkday! (ISSC30)

Oh my goodness two cards in one day....something must be wrong horribly wrong :).  Just kidding, I finally have time!  Yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures of cards I've made recently, and I just had to share.

The following sketch, to say the least, was a bit daunting.

I knew what I wanted to do for this challenge but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off.  I made an oval lever card with some amazing paper I just purchased.  Lets just say at first I hated it and thought it was way to crazy.

Okay so imagine it without the cute puppy.  You can't?  Well just cover him up with your hand and take a look.....I thought it just looked terrible (without him) but I decided to forage ahead (I spent too much time trying to line up those darn stripes to toss it.....yet).  I added that adoreable puppy and "aaaaahhhhh" (imagine angels singing) instant love.

Here is the inside after you pull the side and the oval flips:

I hope you learn to love it like I do now!

(Do you see my screw up?  Yeah, that pesky the middle..cut in half. It gets lost in the fold, I was hoping for a seamless front of the card, oops crappy planning on my part.  I thought I had it right......c'est la vie:))

I'm entering this card in the iSpy Sketches - ISSC30 Challenge and the Young Crafters Unite - Challenge #13 Hot Trends!


I've finally gotten some down time where I can post some new creations.  I've been making cards all summer but haven't found any time to post them.  Too much softball I guess...(wait! there can never be too much softball:))  anyway I've been trying my hand at some new challenges and trying to push my boundaries of what I like and what I don't.  I've been having a really fun time playing around with crafty goodies, but the problem is my room looks like a tornado hit it and I usually need to be organized to be creative.

Sounds crazy huh?  Let me explain, my crafting room is so small and I have stuff shoved into every nook and cranny so when I start crafting I dig it all out to play and you get the picture.  What!? I didn't post a picture? Well hopefully someday I'll be in my very own craft room (not a guest bedroom) and I can share all of its wondrous awesome messiness.  Oh jeeze I started to post about a card and then poof..... where has the time gone.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this will be a good reward.

I'm entering this card in the:

Retrosketches #26 Challenge & Young Crafters Unite Challenge #13 – Hot trends!


 Have a wonderful day!